FSAS Maritime Open Sunday November 3rd 2019


After gale force winds and heavy rain on Saturday, Sunday dawned dry and bright, perfect conditions for the match…or so we thought.
From the start, several pounds of weed festooned our rigs and bait making fishing very difficult. A few anglers were finding the odd fish and reports of one angler in the butts landing two rays early on.
The amount of sea weed was a big problem all the way through the match until the last hour as the tide eased but the grapevine carried news of a few anglers scoring extra points as the match drew to a close.
The raffle and presentation were held at the Snooker Club on the seafront.
The final results were:

1st, Lawrence Chisnell with 264 points.
2nd, Graham Adams with 260 points.
3rd, Craig Buy with 233 points.
Top junior was Daine Bradshaw.
Biggest round fish was a ray of 37cm for Lawrence Chisnell.
Biggest flat was a sole of 37cm for Matt LF.

Section 1.

1st Mark Ward.
2nd Sam Creasey.

Section 2.

1st Johnny Austin
2nd Colin Provins.

Section 3.

1st Lawrence Chisnell
2nd Graham Adams

Section 4.

1st Craig Buy
2nd Richard Burt

Section 5.

1st Paul Harrison
2nd Lee Caley

Well done to all anglers and many thanks to the organisers and sponsors, hope to see you all again next year.

Roger Mortimer FSAS Chairman